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Metal tiles in modern interiors

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Using Metal Tiles in modern interiors


Trying to decorate or decorate your home can be a challenge.

That will surely lead you to choice on the type of tiles to use in various places. Floor and wall tiles, for example, do not carry the same amount of water absorption, size, or design.


Metal tiles include indoor wall and floor decorations because they have a water absorption capacity of 0%. Metal decors and wall art  which anyone can use indoors and outdoors because of its durability.


Because metal tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, it is one of the most sought-after products in the market for indoor floors and walls.


Forms of copper tiles


The shape can range from 10cm×10cm to a 40cm×40cm size. Usually, our copper backsplash tiles come sold as sets that can be nicely incorporated in you kitchen wall and as an accents small tiles, 




Ceramic tiles also come in glazed and unglazed forms. The glazed ceramics are usually polished and glossy on your walls or floor. While the unglazed are unpolished or rough with various designs on top of them.



Advantages of using ceramic tiles


Ceramic tiles can entertain any form of design needed by their manufacturer. We can make use of ceramics in bathrooms, the kitchen, sitting room, and more.


Glazed ceramics offers water-resistant features that could be beneficial in the bathroom, where there is plenty of water.


Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to clean because they do not absorb stains for a very long time. They also make your home from dust and mite.


These types of tiles provide an excellent grip when used on the floor indoors. The tiles also come in various colors and sizes that can fit or design any part of the room.


Advantages of using metal  tiles


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The tiles are very durable if  exposed to extreme weather conditions. That is why it is advisable not to use ceramics outdoors because of the abrasive nature of the weather. So metal decors are great choice !