Artistic copper tiles for your dream house project.

About product

We use copper, stainless steel, nickel and brass sheets, thickness 0.6mm ( .020") the same as for roof use. Its very hard, strong and durable.

Do they install like regular tile?
Yes they do. Thinset mortar is used, just as normal tile. Grouting is needed. Space for grout approx 3mm.  3/16''

How to maintain the tiles?
You will get your tiles waxed. If you want you can wax it twice a year, if not, leave it like that, copper will slowly and beautifully age over time. For cleaning use soft cloth, mild soap and luke warm water is best for cleaning.
For green patina use clear coat lacquer.

Can I order tile with my own design, company logo etc. ?
Yes you can. Simply email us with the picture of your choice (jpg or vector file).

Are these tiles "green" ?
We are committed to making a beautiful long lasting product by the most environmentally friendly process possible. Metals are among the most recycled materials there are.
They have a high values and they are easy to reclaim and reuse.
In the long run the greenest product is often the one which lasts the longest.
Copper lasts practically forever !

Can they be used outdoors?
Yes, for wall applications, outdoor kitchens and wineyards.