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Colonial style kitchen. Tiles and Backsplashes.

Although in case of the living room and arranging it in colonial fashion there are no major problems, the kitchen in colonial style can be a creative challenge. We used the term ‘creative’ deliberately. You have to admit that it’s exciting to do something that seems impossible on, right? In the kitchen, it is best to rely on lighting and decorative elements. Elegant lamps, which are shaped like calabashes, will be perfect for this. If our kitchen is combined with a dining room or just a table where we eat our meals, we can also choose colonial chairs. However,  it is important to remember to match them with the material and size of the table you have.


Colonial style in a nutshell

Colonial style came from distant lands. This phrase alone, as apt as it may be, fascinates and excites. Some people associate the name “colonial style” with the “Book of One Thousand and One Nights,” while others think of the famous movie “Out of Africa.” In both cases the associations are most appropriate. After all, the colonial style interior can be inspired both by African lands and the Far East. However, is it possible to combine the typical colonial style with a modern design, which indicates luxury and makes our interior exclusive? Definitely yes! Especially for those of you who still have some doubts, we have prepared this article.


colonial style


What is colonial style?

Contemporary trends promote several interior design styles with particular emphasis. In addition to Scandinavian, eclectic or retro style, there is also the ever fashionable colonial trend. You have probably sometimes wondered about the question “Colonial style – what is it?” We are therefore pleased to explain. This way of arranging and decorating apartments had its beginning in the 19th century. It was associated with the fact of expansive activities of Great Britain. The British Crown had a huge number of overseas colonies, which began to be successively settled. Local furniture and accessories were used to decorate houses in such distant places as Africa or India. They were exotic novelties in relation to what the European interior design markets offered at that time. A wave of admiration for the oriental touch spread to Europe, crystallizing a completely new trend in the way of arranging apartments.

Main motifs of colonial style

Housing in colonial style cannot be confused with any other. It is guided by very clear and bright features. Above all, this trend is based on the materials from which both furniture and decorative elements are made. Colonial style is dominated by wood, especially exotic and dark-colored, such as ebony, mahogany, sandalwood or rosewood. A huge role is played by fabrics: high quality cotton, from which pillowcases are made for decorative pillows, linen, from which colonial tablecloths are sewn and upholstery of leisure furniture, such as natural leather. Colonial style colors include all shades of brown, beige, green, white and to break the color monotony – orange and red. We cannot forget about the exotic accessories that will give the apartment an oriental spirit, filling it like Moroccan incense burning unhurriedly.

Combination of colonial and modern style

To meet the needs of travel and colonial climate lovers in the interiors, designers create furniture and accessories that combine the basics of this style with designer chic. It is great that also in the case of this style we do not have to lower our standards and our requirements for design in the apartment. Exclusive designs, created in colonial fashion, will allow us to combine elegance with a touch of exoticism. We can choose not only designer decorative elements, such as oriental rug, but also furniture in colonial style, which will perfectly fit into the arrangement of our modern apartment. Remember that we do not have to be conservative in our choices, especially if we want to introduce only a delicate, colonial note into our interior. Let us then bet on one, but very specific element. Let me suggest that the oriental giraffe lamp, available in different sizes and colors, has really captured our attention.

Colonial style in practice

How does the colonial style look like in practice? Bet primarily on the best quality oriental furniture (or rather, those stylized on them), which will be used for many years. Remember that colonial style is not a trend that will pass. It is synonymous with class and rich personality of the owner, thus it will always be fashionable. You will be surprised how even seemingly insignificant pieces of equipment, such as pouffes, can create a colonial atmosphere in our apartment! Some of them look like the golden cages of the nightingale from the emperor’s tale, others resemble the hats of camel chasers wandering through the desert sands.

Colonial style house

If we want the whole arrangement of our house to have a colonial style, let us make sure that Indian furniture dominates in it. A wide offer of our store will allow you to purchase furniture from one collection, which will definitely allow to maintain the impression of coherence and high class. We particularly recommend the Class collection and HK Living. This furniture will perfectly express the character, which should be characterized by a home in colonial style.

Colonial style living room

Although the colonial style is not just for a particular room in the house, it is most fond of the living room. Why are we mentioning it? Well, accessories and oriental trinkets have a very big role in colonial style. And while a colonial bedroom would be a fairly simple challenge for an interior designer, it’s a room that shouldn’t have too many objects in it so that they don’t focus attention and interfere with our relaxation. What about a living room in colonial style? Here we can allow for more freedom in the amount of decoration. What is more, we can also separate a small relaxation zone in the living room. There may be many ideas. Among ours you may find a rattan oriental hanging armchair or an elegant chaise longue with an animal pattern upholstery, which perfectly matches the colonial trend.



Colonial style office

Colonial style is simply created for offices! An office in colonial style is a sign of class of its owner. A beautifully decorated interior, where we work or meet with clients, should be functional, but also make a professional impression. Inherent elements of equipment in this case will be a colonial chest of drawers, colonial armchair, or the already mentioned luxurious chaise longue. Let’s not forget about an appropriate place for professional literature! It is worth to look around for a designer showcase or an elegant bookcase, on which we can also place a small, exotic plant.

colonial office style metal decors