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Kitchen update

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It should be not only aesthetic and functional but also have the right atmosphere so that the person cooking there feels relaxed. Good vibes from the food will transfer to the rest of the family improving everyone’s mood. Sometimes even small kitchen remodel is enough to make the space unique and add some soul to it.

kitchen update


What changes are worth making to set the right tone? Kitchen tiles.

That's right. Changing kitchen tiles is most refreshing thing. There are many ways to do kitchen remodel. The times of painting all the walls the same color are long gone. Nowadays it's allowed to play with patterns and textures so kitchen update is much more fun. While one part of the wall can be painted with chalkboard paint to put some recipes on it, the other might be tiled from floor to ceiling. Another important part is kitchen backsplash. Since it is the thing that we look at the most preparing out food, it has to have a special feel. Tiles are a common idea for a backsplash, because it is easy to clean. Unfortunately people often opt for some mass market kitchen tiles and then get bored of them quickly. To avoid such situation a much better alternative is to choose something that is more original. The best solution would be buying some handmade tiles, because it will make your place unique.

Why handmade kitchen tiles are so remarkable?

Each handmade copper art tiles are exceptional and that is why all together they make an incredible design. Deciding on this type of tiles you get a guarantee that your kitchen will be unique and no one else will have the same thing. With that in mind you can feel unique yourself. There is still much more advantages to them. Thanks to the wide range of colors, patterns and often also sizes and shapes you can mix and match and choose something that you will love and wont get bored of in the next few years. Because each of these kitchen tiles is made by hand, the manufacturing process is longer but the quality is higher and it makes them worth their price.

kitchen remodel

3 details to enhance the end result of kitchen remodel

To achieve the best end result it is good to add some finishing touches to make your new kitchen stand out. Here are some tips:

- Lights are an important part of any room. Choosing the right ones can create the entire atmosphere of the place. It is worth it to choose a new original lamp and think about lighting under your cabinets to make your new kitchen backsplash tiles pop.

- Textiles in the right colors will add some character and worm up the place. Pick up some new kitchen towels or oven mitts and make the space cozy.

- Getting matching containers for your spices will give you a feeling of tidier and more put together kitchen. Don't forget to make matching labels for them. After making all these changes you can possibly end up with the kitchen of your dreams, adjusted to your taste and needs.

Get planning right now and stop cooking being a chore - make it a pleasure instead.