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Kitchen renovation step by step: a practical guide

Kitchen renovation step by step: a practical guide

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Renovation of this room is often quite a challenge, but the effect rewards hard work – in the new kitchen, preparing meals and eating together with loved ones will be even more pleasant. Step by step how to renovate a kitchen at home…
Kitchen renovation is not just about removing old furniture and setting up new ones, but complex work that often requires the help of various professionals. Whether it’s a kitchen renovation in a detached house or an apartment in block, it’s worth preparing well to save unnecessary costs, delays and stress.
When is it worth doing a kitchen renovation? What furniture should I choose? How to do the renovation step by step? What expenses are needed to prepare for? These are just some of the questions we answer in our guide. Read on!
Renovating a kitchen is an important decision that involves certain costs and also some inconvenience. However, there are situations where the work is not worth postponing. When is it time to renovate your kitchen at home?                                                     
You should decide to renovate your kitchen when:
  • your kitchen is not comfortable to use,
  • your kitchen furniture doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, damaged,
  • walls, floors and ceiling are damaged and need to be refreshed,
  • there was a major installation failure in the kitchen, e.g. water, sewage system,
  • new appliances are planned to be purchased.
Most people decide to completely renovate their kitchen after 10-20 years. Also, renovation often follows the purchase of a used apartment or house, where the kitchen is aged, not very nice and non-functional.
According to the new building law, renovations to existing buildings do not require a building permit. Theoretically, the works should be reported to the district head or mayor of the city with county rights. In practice this is usually not done.
Additional formalities when renovating a kitchen relate to the execution of new installations in it and the installation of equipment, when it is necessary to report them to the appropriate offices, companies.
Formalities include:
  • setting up a gas installation – for the supply of gas stoves from the gas network,
  • change of connection power – needed when installing an induction stove.
It is also worth keeping in mind that if you plan more invasive work, e.g. involving the demolition of walls, installation of underfloor heating, rebuilding the electrical system, it is worth consulting a specialist, such as an architect, electrician.
Kitchen renovation – small or general?
Kitchen renovation at home can be a cosmetic change, i.e. used to refresh the interior appearance, but it can also be a general one, when it is necessary to almost completely renovate the interior. The scope of renovation in this case depends on individual needs, technical condition of the room, as well as the budget.
A small kitchen renovation is advisable when the kitchen furniture is still in good condition but the walls or floor need refreshing. You can also decide for a renovation when the furniture needs replacing or renewing, e.g. by painting fronts or installing a new countertop. Then the kitchen does not change its current arrangement of furniture, household appliances. Such work does not involve high costs.
General kitchen renovation is the best choice when the whole room does not look good, there are difficulties with the installation, equipment, furniture damage that is no longer repairable. In this case, the costs are already higher, but the kitchen can get a completely new look and additional features to make using it even more convenient.
How to prepare a kitchen design?
When you are planning a major renovation of the kitchen at home, it is advisable to prepare its design in advance. This document contains information about the room, including projections along with equipment, and therefore makes it easier to plan and execute renovation work.
The kitchen design should include:
  • room dimensions,
  • doors and windows,
  • kitchen furniture,
  • equipment,
  • installations,
  • connections.
Kitchen design can be prepared independently, but it can also be done by a company that makes custom furniture or an architect from a design office.
Making a project yourself is not complicated. You can prepare it on a piece of paper, use special programs for designing – they are also available free of charge.
Free kitchen design can be obtained when ordering custom kitchen furniture. Then an employee of the company will prepare it on the basis of previous agreements. The design includes, first of all, projections of furniture. It may also be accompanied by interior visualization.

Lighting in the kitchen

When renovating the kitchen, it is also worth remembering to plan the lighting. A functional kitchen should be equipped with more than one source of light, so in addition to the ceiling lamp, it is worth installing additional lighting in it.
The main, ceiling lamp in the kitchen should illuminate the entire interior. In case of small kitchens it can also be hung on the table. In lower kitchens, plafonds, spotlights can be used. In case a suspended ceiling will be installed in the kitchen, LED light meshes can be made in it.
Additional lighting should be placed by the kitchen furniture to illuminate the countertops. These can be LED lights placed under wall cabinets or tapes – LED strips.

Where to start the kitchen renovation?

To start a kitchen renovation at home, it is necessary to properly prepare the room where the work to be done. Then it is best to work in a completely empty interior, which gives space to carry out all the activities.
Before starting the actual renovation, it will be necessary to remove walls, remove or dismantle old kitchen furniture, appliances and possibly remove tree of life tiles, rip off wallpaper, if you plan to conduct finishing work. Perfect for wall decoration Birds and Flowers Copper Tiles .

How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?

The duration of kitchen renovation depends on the scope of work performed, so the more complex the work, the longer you will have to expect daily inconveniences. A small kitchen renovation that does not involve furniture changes or time-consuming finishing works can be done in 1 to 5 days. If you are preparing a major renovation, the work can drag on for up to 1-3 months.
In order to speed up the kitchen renovation, it is worth outsourcing the work to a specialist team. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, as well as the equipment they have, professionals can do the necessary work much faster than if they were to do it on your own. It is also worth remembering that a kitchen renovation at home will take less time if all the works are planned in advance as well as the furniture and finishing materials are ordered, as waiting for them postpones putting the kitchen to use.