Artistic Metal Craft For Your Dream House Project.

Metal in the interior design.

Trendy and inspiring solutions with metal use. 


Metal in the interior is not only the remains of factory installations in lofts. Now this stylish
accent can also appear in an apartment. Cold, hard and heavy, but durable, expressive and
elegant in its unparalleled simplicity.

Metal furniture – a phenomenon of popularity

For a long time now, raw materials such as brick, leather, metal, wood with deliberately
unsmoothed surfaces and other unusual textures and colors reign in our interiors. Many
people, who are bored with traditional solutions, like these raw, expressive accents the most.
Some people perceive interiors with metal accents skeptically: as cold, difficult to arrange in
residential interiors and unfriendly. Others appreciate them for the fact that they add space to
the interior, do not make it cluttered, so that the living room, where previously massive and
built-in furniture stood, can “breathe.” This is the style of metal furniture: devoid of
unnecessary elements and decorations. This effect is very well emphasized by green plants.

Expressive, functional and beautiful in its simplicity

Characteristic furniture on a metal structure or impressive balustrades referring to the style of
factory halls or old railway stations are an alternative to traditional interiors. Metal furniture is
durable, very stylish, fashionable, and what is more, the material from which it is made can be
reused and, e.g., painted in a different color when we get bored with the current one. This
makes metal furniture win over massive, built-in chests of drawers made of imitation wood.
Apart from classic steel or painted furniture, also colored metals such as copper, chrome, or
aluminum look spectacular.

Metal furniture and interior accents

The advantage of metal is that it can be combined with other materials. Although some colors
and textures may overshadow its simple style, in duet with neutral materials, some types of
wood (especially hard species, such as oak or acacia) or glass, it creates beautiful furniture
and interior accents that will be used for many years. If you’re looking for a way to
incorporate a small touch of metal into your interior, try a beautiful modern chair on a metal
frame or a dresser on metal legs.

Metal style is all about simplicity

Functional and almost indestructible, metal accents in the interior bring an atmosphere of
calm and order. Simple lines, classic shapes and harmonious arrangements, e.g., of shelves on
metal racks, give many possibilities, e.g., with boxes which replace drawers.
Expressive metal lamps in the industrial style is a way to make a metamorphosis of the
interior. We do not have to replace the upper lighting or change the installation, because in the
standing version such original lamps and spotlights will provide a unique effect.

Distinctive accent in the hallway or office – metal consoles and desks

Narrow top on a solid metal frame is a functional and space-saving desk or console. These
models of furniture were created for people who value subdued elegance and pure
functionality of furniture. The console can be used as a side table in living room or in a
narrow corridor, decorated with beautiful bowl or flower vase. A small desk top is enough to
place a laptop and a few tools necessary for work on it –such a desk is a great place for work. 

These interiors like metal

Incorporating a desk on metal frame into a traditionally decorated room can create the
impression of a forced combination of furniture from different fairy tales. Metal furniture,
which has long delighted us with its neutrality, functionality and modest elegance, does not fit
everywhere. However, the valued and popular minimalist, Scandinavian and subdued
industrial style decorations are actually the perfect background for furniture and accessories
with a metal touch.

The second life of old furniture

In many attics and basements, there will be old, metal furniture. They are durable and we
should not be discouraged by the fact that some rust has appeared in some places or we have
noticed paint chipping. We can easily remove the old surface by using appropriate sandpaper,
a wire brush or an appropriate tip applied to a screwdriver or drill.

Strong accent in the interior – metal

If metal furniture and accents in a metallic shade are not enough for us, we can choose metal
stairs, metal countertops and larger surfaces covered with metallic color, such as tiles or even
walls. Especially decorative paints deserve attention, as they offer a wide range of metallic
effects, but it is up to us to decide about their intensity. Metallic glitter or the matte elegance
of dark steel may be more visible only after appropriate lighting, and during the day be
invisible and blend into the background.

Metal in interior design

Cold material – as it is usually referred to metals in interior design. Modern technology gives
us increasingly new possibilities for processing metal, and this in turn brings new energy and
potential to our interiors.

Metals represent a breath of modernity

Statement from the headline is indisputable. Regardless of the metal type, which we use in the
arrangement, we can be sure that it will give the interior a breath of fresh air, and at the same
time so desired by many elegance. Metal indicates luxury, chic and good taste – it is a
material which perfectly emphasizes the interior character. Of course, it should be

remembered that its application should be optimal, because too many metal elements, whether
in decorative lamps, tables or benches, will make it become common and ordinary. The use of
metal should be balanced – only then will we get an exceptional “ohh” effect.

In which interior styles will metal work?

Interior designers often say that metal is a cold element, associated with modernity.
Therefore, the use of metal can be useful in Scandinavian style and in practice it is used there.
Definitely, most often metal arrangements such as countertops, lamps, stairs, furniture, tables
or benches are used in modern styles. Everything that is timeless, unconventional and unique
likes metal. So, this material can be successfully used in industrial style, loft, glamour or mid-
century. However, it is important to note that single metal elements can be used in practically
any arrangement.

Designer furniture with a touch of metal

In designer furniture, metal is most often used in benches, tables, lamps, wall lamps, and also
as a finishing element of seats – chairs and armchairs. Of course, metal accessories and
additions can be found in a large number of products. In our store you will find designer
furniture with metal elements. Bird figures, sculptures or watches are also popular nowadays,
as they contain metallic elements.
The master of contemporary design with the use of metallic elements is British Tom Dixon.
Born in 1959, the designer makes extensive use of this material in his designs. The brand that
created “Tom Dixon” is considered to be forward-looking and timeless. The flagship of his
work are designer metallic lamps. Several important models are to be mentioned here,
including: the Spring pendant lamp, Fade Chrome, Fade Gold, Etch lamp or the famous Bell
Table. Dixon uses copper, gold, silver, aluminum or chrome in his designs. His lamps are
often used in glamour style.

What are the advantages of using metal in interior design?

Visually it looks great. Chrome legs, copper lampshades, silver casings perfectly harmonize
with both natural wood, leather and glass with which metal is often combined. However, the
visual effect is not the only argument for this material. Another one, which we have already
mentioned above, is the versatility of metal looking from the perspective of its application in
various interior styles.
It is also worth mentioning that metal optically increases the space. Its effect is similar to that
of mirrors. Thanks to the effect of light reflection, on one hand, we get the impression that we
have more space than it really is. On the other hand, metallic elements increase the feeling of
cleanliness in our home. However, it should be considered that metal also requires proper care
– so that this illusion does not disappear faster than it appeared.