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Aires Zodiac Sign Copper Wall Picture

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Aires Zodiac Sign Copper Wall Picture

Bring unique look to your house with our Aires Zodiac Sign Copper Wall Picture.

Even little piece can bring a huge change. Make a brave expression and it will be the BEST ornamental object at your house!

Handmade from a clear copper of 0.57mm ( .020") bulk. 

Unique designed copper relief patinated in rich brown patina.

Framed in a quality wooden frame available in three different colors.

Size of the artwork is 26 cm x 26 cm (10.5 inch x 10,5 inch)

Great gift idea for someone who was born under Aries sign!

Full guide about the picture and responses to often asked questions are accessible here.

We are committed to making a lovely and long lasting piece of art with the most eco friendly process possible. Metals are among the most recycled materials. They have a high value and are effortless to reclaim and reuse. Our products have a large recycled material content and 100% of our bits are used again or recycled. Highly skipped aspect of green consumerism is longevity. In the long run the greenest product is usually the one which survives the longest. Copper survives almost forever.