Metal backsplash and art wall tiles for your dream house project.

Large Copper Metal House Number Rounded

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Large Copper Metal House Number Rounded

4 different fonts to pick from (all in images above).

This sign can accommodate up to five numbers (or more if necessary).

Size in total, including steel frame: 50cmx50cm ( 19.7inch x 19.7inch)

This House Sign is made from Embossed Copper Plate, that is fitted into solid steel frame. Steel Rivets are hand forged and frame is 3mm thick. Copper is 0.6mm thick, which is 0.02inch. This plate is very forceful and durable.

Frame and copper are both patinated, waxed and oiled in a very  conventional style.

Laquier wasn’t used as it can show cracks overtime.

House sign is personalized and handmade piece of art that will add a lot of style to your home.

Customizations are possible, as well as changes to the size or design. MyMetalCraft can use different patinas, copper rivets or other steel frames or shapes. Do not hesitate to ask.


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