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Libra Zodiac Copper Wall Plaque

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Libra Zodiac Copper Wall Plaque

Bring a unique look to your apartment with this Libra Zodiac Copper Wall Plaque.

Even small pieces can make a significant change. Make a brave statement and it will be the BEST dashing piece at your place!

Made by hand from a raw copper of 0.57mm ( .020") thickness.

Great design, copper relief patinated in rich brown patina.

Framed in a high-quality wooden frame available in 3 colors.

Size of the artwork: 26 cm x 26 cm ( 10.5 inch x 10,5 inch)

Great for a wedding gift!

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We are committed to making a lovely and long-lasting article with the most eco-friendly method available. Metals are among the most recycled materials. They have a big worth and are simple to reclaim or use again. These products have a large recycled material content and 100% of our scraps are used again or recycled. A highly skipped aspect of green consumerism is longevity. In the long run, the most eco product is usually the one that lasts the longest. Copper survives almost forever.