Metal backsplash and art wall tiles for your dream house project.

Scorpion Zodiac Plaque, Scorpio symbol, Scorpion framed, picture of scorpion, horoscope scorpio

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Metal Zodiac sign SCORPIO

Unique designed copper relief patinated in rich brown patina.
Framed in a quality wooden frame available in 3 colors.
Size of the artwork: 26 cm x 26 cm ( 10.5 inch x 10,5 inch )
Crafted from solid copper as for roof use 0.57 mm gauge ( 0.022 inch ).
Wax is used to protect copper and it will slowly and beautifully age over time.

*************Great idea as a gift for anyone who was born under this sign !
*************Quality hand made craft
*************Natural materials and stylish design

We make The Real Crafted Copper.
This is a true metal, not a paint or anythink that can only try to fake desired look of natural metal.
Metal finishes will always make a big impression on a space. MyCopperCraft is collected worldwide and I guarantee that You will love it !

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