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Tree of Life Wall Art - set of 9 tiles

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Tree of Life Wall Art - set of 9 tiles

Made by hand from a pure copper of 0.57mm ( .020") bulk. The same bulk is used in the construction of roofs. Tiles are tough, strong, and very durable. They are protected with fine quality microcrystalline wax the same as used in the Renaissance Wax British Museum. Copper will age slowly and beautifully with time. Soft cloth, sensitive soap, and tepid water are best for maintaining. Apply wax each year, if you desire to slow down the aging process. Certain foods (like ketchup and mustard) and acids can cause modification to the tint.

Copper tiles may be used outdoor. It can be used for walls, open-air kitchens, and vineyards, etc.

Get one of a kind looks to your property with that Tree of Life Wall Art - set of 9 tiles. This wall unit is handcrafted and very special. It will create a brilliant optical sensation in your kitchen or fireplace. Even a small remake can make a big change. Make a brave expression and it will be the BEST ornamental thing at your apartment!

Total size is 17.5"x17.5"

One tile size is 5.8'' x 5.8 ''

Available in copper brown patina or brass.

Tiles may be personalized with a brand logo or alternative signs and texts. Simply email us the picture of your choice (jpg or vector file). You will receive a message when your quote is ready.

For installation, you must have skinny mortar and grout.

Here you can find a technical guide about the product and answers to often asked questions.

We are devoted to making a beautiful and everlasting product with the most environmentally friendly method possible. Metals are among the most eco-friendly materials. They have a high value and are effortless to reclaim or reuse. Our tiles have large recycled material content and 100% of our bits are reused or recycled. A highly overlooked aspect of green consumerism is durability. In the long run, the greenest product is usually the one that perseveres the longest. Copper survives almost forever.