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Decorations for the kitchen are elements that allow for personalizing the room and giving it a
unique character. They can be not only decorative, but also fulfill specific roles and function
in the space in a useful way. Here are eight ways to enhance your kitchen design through
Decorations for the kitchen can be different – sometimes they can be introduced into the room
without the need for major modifications. In other cases, a small renovation may be
necessary, but this usually only involves mounting or hanging decorations or repainting the
surface. These kitchen decorating ideas can be used not only in an apartment, but also in a
place such as a bistro or culinary studio.

1. Hanging decorations in your kitchen with magnetic paint

It is a special emulsion that can be used not only to change the wall surface. Magnetic paint
contains iron particles – they allow us to later use the wall just like a fridge. The special
coating that will be formed on the painted surface “attracts” magnets. On the wall treated with
magnet paint we can hang various pieces of paper with information or drawings. The magnets
can also be used to attach photos, recipes from newspapers, calendar pages and various
kitchen decorations (even spices in sachets) to such walls.
A similar product is also a blackboard paint, which will allow us to write on the wall or other
surface with chalk. Such a solution is perfectly useful in cafes and bars, but also at home,
where we can continuously create our daily schedule, write messages to family or roommates,
draw and decorate the kitchen with various aphorisms.

2. Decorating the kitchen with walls and countertop panels

 metal wall art tiles 

Laminated glass is a great alternative to ceramic tiles or ordinary wall finishing – especially
over the countertop. Thanks to them we can quickly change the kitchen arrangement. Glass
panels are resistant to high temperature, thus they are also perfect as wall decoration behind
the stove. We do not have to worry about the influence of water or grease, we can wash them
quickly and easily with common detergents.
What is the advantage of laminated glass and makes it a serious candidate for kitchen
decoration? It is available in a large number of different designs that allow to stylize the room
in a desired way. The print is indelible. Such wall decoration for kitchen is very functional.

tree of life decors
Laminated glass can be easily mounted with glue or silicone for mirrors.
Check also the offer of laminated countertop panels, which can be perfectly matched to the
countertop and create a coherent composition. An interesting solution are also double-sided
panels – thanks to this solution you can easily and quickly refresh the appearance of your

3. Wall decorations in the kitchen – canvases and paintings


We do not have to change the finishing of walls right away to give the interior a completely
new look. Suitable decorations for the kitchen are also canvases and paintings, which we can
easily hang on a nail or hook. For decoration, we can use not only kitchen motifs, such as:
spices, herbs or fruits – we can also decorate our space with photographs, watercolors,
beautiful views or motivational inscriptions.
The kitchen arrangement will definitely be richer and more attractive when we use wall
decorations in the form of paintings and canvases. Depending on our preferences, we will find
items that will perfectly suit our tastes and the kitchen arrangement in our home or apartment.


4. Wooden accessories as functional decorations for the kitchen



Decorations for the kitchen do not have to fulfill only an aesthetic function. Many of them can
also be used for practical purposes. Among such decorations for the kitchen are all wooden
elements – their appearance usually further decorates the space. These can be a variety of
kitchen accessories – even ordinary, though very decorative, cutting boards.
Particularly useful, yet decorative, are wooden decorations for the kitchen, such as organizers,
plate racks, coasters, containers, bowls and boxes or pots (or covers) for fresh herbs or other
plants, which look great in this room. Also all kinds of kitchen utensils made of wood can be
a great decorative addition to the kitchen – we can freely expose them, e.g. by hanging them
on railings or putting them in a high container.

5. Green decorations for the kitchen – herbs and flowers


The kitchen should not lack of lush vegetation, which not only improves our mood, but also
perfectly decorates the room, and at the same time can be used as a source of aromatic, fresh
spices. Any herbs such as thyme, basil, oregano or mint are easy container-grown plants that
will beautifully adorn our home kitchen or bistro we are decorating. If we’re looking for a
different kind of flora specimens – let’s see what flowers we can choose for the kitchen. It is
worth exposing them in nice containers – for example, ceramic.
Various plants can be planted on a window sill or hung on railings. Special containers, which
are also placed under the ceiling, can perfectly expose creeping plants – it is best if we choose
moisture-loving species for that. Plants will generally be happy in a kitchen that is warm and
full of steam.

6. Decorating the kitchen with decorative plant containers


A separate category of decorations for the kitchen can create decorative containers for plants
– these can be pots or casings. Herbs placed in plastic cups will not decorate the space as
nicely as plants planted in ceramic pots or boxes matched to the kitchen arrangement. Among
available products we can easily find such containers, which will perfectly fit our stylization –

we can choose concrete ones for modern kitchens, and romantically decorated with lavender
motives for Provencal ones. Plants can also be used as window decorations in the kitchen.

7. Hanging decorations for the kitchen – railings


We can easily install these simple elements ourselves, for example, above the countertop. The
metal tube can be very long, which will allow for placing herbs or spices in stylish containers
on it with the use of practical hooks. This is another example of functional kitchen decoration.
Railings will also help us arrange various kitchen accessories, as well as take care of space
organization. Reaching for cups or pots hanging on them is convenient.
The kitchen can also be equipped with magnet railings, which without any additional
accessories can hold knives and other metal elements, such as board handles. More about this
type of kitchen accessories can be found here.


8. Wall decorations for the kitchen

In addition to paintings, canvases, corkboards, glass panels, or painting a wall with magnetic
or blackboard paint, vertical surfaces in the kitchen can of course be decorated with
decorations – special ceramic tiles. Their use will be easier if we are just finishing walls in the
room. However, they can also be used in an already finished kitchen. The selected decors can
be glued to the wall with special adhesives or mortars depending on the surface.