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If we took a broader view of nature, i.e., not taking it for granted, but discovering the miracle
that it is, we would notice such magnificence as… trees. See for yourself: big, giant trees that
are deeply rooted in the ground and reach to the sky with their crowns. These wonders,
though so obvious, are proof that nature is a perfectly oiled machine, something that is
thought out in every detail, a perfect circle of life. No wonder that the great spreading tree full
of green leaves, with its thick boughs and luxuriant roots has become a multifaceted symbol,
the so-called tree of life.

The tree is an almost sacred symbol that can be an amulet in both religious and spiritual
philosophy. The symbolism of the Tree of Life has a long history, crossing many cultures.
Nevertheless, this wonderful symbol has many meanings shared by people in all corners of
the world.

Did you know that by interacting with trees you are cleansing your body with energy? The
tree absorbs low vibrations and balances your energy. If you feel bad, hug a tree.

Tree of life in different cultures

The tree of life is represented as a large tree with spreading branches and roots, reaching high
and low at the same time. It is enclosed in a circle.
  You have a right to the tree of life.    And it is a beautiful tree. You are an everlasting, ever-growing branch on the tree of life. You have a natural right to happiness, love, and every good thing you could ever desire and more
 Christianity – in Christianity, the tree growing in the Garden of Eden is the tree of life
and is the source of eternal life. It is a symbol of humanity free from corruption and

 Celtic Culture – the tree in Celtic culture represents the “other world” and their
smooth connection. Just as a tree connects the earth to the sky, starting from the roots,
through the branch, to its crown.

 Buddhism – the tree of life is the Bhodi tree, or Tree of Enlightenment.
 Islam – the Tree of Immortality in the Quran is also the tree of life. It appeared in
Eden and is a tree that Adam and Eve ate from after Allah forbade them.

 Judaism – the Tree of Life is what sustains and nourishes life. It stands at the center of
a fruitful garden planted by Yahweh.
 Ancient Egypt – in Egypt, the tree was a symbol of death and abundance at the same
time. The trunk symbolizes a center of universe, branches the heavens, and roots the
underworld. Everything is connected to life and death, like in the circle of life.
 African Culture – the baobab tree (bottle tree) collects water and bears fruit even in
dry land, which helped the African people to survive. It is a symbol of life.
Despite the wide range of cultures in which the tree of life appears, without a clear affiliation
to any of these cultures, we can interpret the Tree of Life in many ways. How?

Simple symbolism of the tree of life:
 Connection of everything in the universe: tree roots reach deep into the earth and its
crown reaches into the sky. This means taking food from mother earth and energy
from the sun and moon.
 Ancestor, family and fertility: the tree of life has a complex network of branches that
represents the family’ development throughout the generations. It is a symbol of
fertility because the tree always finds a way to continue growing, through seeds or
new seedlings.
 Strength and growth: this is a universal symbol of strength and growth. The tree is
strong, high, takes deep roots, and is therefore stable. It will survive the most severe
storms. Growing tree – from a small sapling it can become a mighty tree.
 Individuality: each tree is unique, symbolizing personal growth. Over time, it gains
unique characteristics.
 Immortality and rebirth: tree is a symbol of rebirth because trees lose their leaves and
go to sleep for the winter, but with spring, new buds and leaves appear. It is a symbol
of immortality because it creates seeds to live in a new tree.
 Peace: a symbol of peace and relaxation. Just looking at the trees and taking energy
from them is relaxing.

For whom is the tree of life symbol?

The tree symbol can be carried by anyone who has a need to be grounded and at the same
time connect with the energy of planets. This symbol has no negative connotations and is
respected by most cultures. Go ahead and wear your tree charm necklace, make sure you have
a keychain with the symbol, draw drawings or posters with the tree symbol and hang them on
the walls of your home. Plant a tree in your garden, hug trees while walking. Take a walk in
the woods when you feel overwhelmed and need to air out your mind. Make friends with
them and exchange energy that will clear your body and absorb anything that doesn’t resonate
with you.

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