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Fleur de lis - Set of 6 Handmade tiles Perfect for Your Kitchen Backsplash COPPER/ BRASS/ STEEL

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Fleur de lis - Set of 6 Handmade tiles - 100% Copper, Stainless steel or Brass

This design is available in 4 sizes

18''x 12'' ( one tile is 6x6''  or 15cm x 15cm)
24''x 16'' (one tile is 8x8'' or  20cm x 20cm)
30''x 20'' (one tile is 10x10 or 25cm x 25cm)
36''x 24'' (one tile is 12x12'' or 30cm x 30cm)

My metal tiles are crafted with solid copper, stainless steel or brass. Tiles are made of 100% real and durable metal. It is not painted plastic or other colored material sold elsewhere. Metal tiles will be a great accent piece for your kitchen backsplash, Foyer, Fireplace or any other place you can think of. Perfect to be used inside or outside like patio and garden.

Fleur de Lis history is wide and long, but it is widely thought that the symbol is a stylized version of the species - Iris pseudacorus or Iris florentina. However, the lily and iris are two different plants and they are unrelated, but Lily is the name that is usually associated with the stylized flower in the Florentine heraldic devices. According to lexicographers, Fleur de Lis first appeared in kings’ scepters and they had a lot less in common with the ordinary ones. The very name is derived from the French or Franks that lived around the river named Leie in the Flanders where an exceptional number of irises still sprout. So, it is understandable that kings from those areas wanted to have such natural beauty on their coat of arms. It is a flower that symbolizes their home and it is remarkable.

My metal art can be used in many ways; hang on the wall, use as a tile on the wall or frame it and display as a wall art.

● Custom and made to order
● Real copper - durable and ecofriendly material
● Quality crafted original and beautiful product since 2015

●Kitchen Backsplash
● Bathroom

●Tile the same as ceramic wall tiles.
●Frame it locally and use as a wall art
● Free hang on the wall just like any other wall art.

● CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE - customize this piece with your familly name or any other signs and sentence you would like to display.

Because copper is a valuable metal, I recycle and reuse all of the scrap. My tiles have a high recycled copper content.
We are committed to making a beautiful long lasting product by the most environmentally friendly process possible. Metals are among the most recycled materials on the planet Earth. Metals have a high values and they are easy to reuse. In the long run the greenest product is often the one which lasts the longest. Copper lasts practically forever !

● How to maintain and clean the tiles?
We use Renaissance Wax British Museum quality microcrystalline wax to protect our patinated tiles. Copper will slowly and beautifully age over time. Soft cloth, mild soap and lukewarm water is best for cleaning. Apply wax once a year if you wish to slow ageing proccess.